Hello world!

So I’ve decided to start a blog, for a few reasons. One. It’s to help for a school project. Two. I want to be able to inspire someone, whether it be me by surprising myself in writing this blog or someone else in the world (if anyone else reads this besides me and my teacher)

At the beginning of June of 2015 I was presented with a project that is to be 30 of physical work whether it be community service, building something, learning some new talent, I literally could chose anything and so I chose to work out for my 30 hour project.

My whole life I have struggled with my self body image. I was always the tall one, I never could wear the clothes my friends were sharing, I, in my mind, stood out no matter where I was. And so this year with this project i chose to change myself, not for others, but for me.

This blog is going to be very personal. I will be changing names and locations for security purposes and for my own comfort if my fellow peers decide to look into my blog. This will also be a spot for me to record my health and well being throughout this year long project, and hopefully I can carry it on longer than that.

So since this is my project, i will start with my honest height and weight, which I have not even told my best friend because I have let the numbers on the scale define me.

My starting weight as of August 24: 270 and my height is 5′ 10″

Now I am writing this blog for myself and before I hear any gasp or looks of disgust at the computer screen. Please remember, you do not have to be reading this and can exit out of this page at any moment.

Now for those who have stayed this long to read about my random life in the small town I live in, thank you. And hopefully through this journey I can have your love and support.

I’ve decided I think I need to lay some ground rules for this blog just for my comfort and sanity

Please please please if you know me personally and read this blog please don’t bring it up to me. I already feel awkward writing about myself to myself for the public 

Another rule. There are no judgements on this blog. I will not judge you and please don’t judge me. What I am doing here is for myself and I thank you if you want to be respectful if you chose to be apart of this

I guess one last thing, please don’t try and give me tips on something. I am a person who wants to learn on my own. I will come to you when I need help but please do not shove it down my throat. 
P. S. After 3 weeks I have lost 10.6 pounds and I love life. 
Thank you guys ❤


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