you know what sucks? People. I mean some people are cool. Like my best friends, they’re pretty amazing. But when you look at people in a whole, in the society they are raised in they can be pretty crappy. 

This week at school was the start of homecoming season. Girls getting asked (or not asked, like me) or trying to find someone to go with. But don’t forget, they need the perfect dress that no one has and the right shoes to dance in all night. And one last thing, a homecoming king and queen. 

Don’t get me wrong I love homecoming. I’ve gone before but the homecoming court is solely based off of the society in high school. It’s first based off who the prettiest is, and don’t forget their popularity because that will totally matter in a year when we’re at college. And the king has to be either their boyfriend or the person they are messing with (you know (; ). 

And when I look at this society in school, in HIGH SCHOOL, I see it in the real world. The ones who are rich and every one just HAS to be their friends. Then those people, down to earth, love everyone for who they are and not their image or amount of money they have, and then the people who are like a speck of dirty on your sunglasses. They are noticed, but in a negative way. They have no class or no money in some people’s eyes and they are the people that you look at and instantly don’t like because they aren’t wearing the newest style of jeans or don’t have money to eat out every night. 

But after this week I noticed something, we can only change that. Not our leaders or school administrators. Not our parents or bosses. We, in the generation we live in can all just chose to say screw the social latter, I can be the homeless man sleeping on the corner and my best friend could be living in a palace, and you wanna know why? Because we care about our character and what we bring to uplift each other. I think in this next week everyone who reads my blog should take the time to look at their life and their friends and see which ones are only with you because you have money or because they have money. Take time to reflect and see what these friendships bring into your life. Do they uplift you or bring you down? 

This week you need to decide which friends you should be keeping long term and spend more time with them, message them saying thank you for what they do for you and in a week see how much happier and better your life is. 

And now for my weight. I have not weighed in all week so I’m praying for the best on Monday. I will have a better update for next week. 

I love you guys. Thanks for the support you sent my way last week. You all rock!!!


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