New year, better choices

Happy New Years to all of my readers. I am so happy to the life I had this past year. As I look back on my life, I really saw how I matured and how I grew up in 2015. 

Not only did I have to prepare for adulthood and college, but I had to prepare for real life. I have seen that high school only teaches you about a how to compete in a competition of who is better. But as a senior we have to teach ourselves that we must stand up for what we believe in, and to only have people who want to bring you up, because in real life, you either get brought to failure by the people you are surrounding yourself with, or you achieve all of your goals. 

Some days I wish I could stand in front of everyone I know and just shout “THIS IS NOT LIFE. WE CAN ONLY BUILD OUTSELVES!”, but I know that God wants us all to learn on our own. 

I would just like to thank 2015, you put people in my life for the first time ever, you let me reconnect with old friends, you took some of those friends away but not entirely, I only lost one person from death, I grew up to see life as something else, and most importantly I learned who I need to be right now.

But as for 2016, I am deciding that I only make myself happy and not depend on others because that is what leads to disappointment and sadness. This year I will work harder to be a healthier person, and by that I do not mean cut out everything that Satan has sent my way like In-N-Out and ice cream, but what I mean is take into consideration what I am doing to my body and ways I can be better. This year I will put my phone and electronics down more and look at people’s faces and learn about the world to help make it better. 

I am so eager to step into 2016 full force and find myself more and learn more things. Thank you to all that have supported me, brought me down, lifted me up, and everyone that has crossed my path. I love you all and cannot wait to see the things that are done this year. God bless