It comes a time in your life when you are faced with hurt, whether it be when you are a child falling off your bike, scraping your knee, or being in middle school and being bullied because that is what middle schoolers, or even later in life being hurt by what you consider a best friend or significant other. Its inevitable, we will be hurt. But does that make it hurt? Knowing that no matter where we go we will be faced with hurt from others or ourself?

Through my whole life I have suffered with hurt from others to me, intentional and unintentional and even from myself and I always knew it was never right. Starting with my parents making bad decisions leading to the life I have and having to wake up everyday hurting knowing that I would never have the white picket fence family. Leading to middle school where kids were just hurtful in their words and actions, and then getting to high school and having that boy that I thought would always be in my life hurt me. And even now in college, I hurt everyday.

I have had my family hurt me, my professors, just normal people in the community, and even some of the closest people in my life at this moment. But even with hurt surrounding us every day it is the way we react to it that is how the hurt defines us.

So we have two options here: we left this hurt define us and prove to those hurting us that we are as weak as they see us or we take that hurt and let it motivate us to prove them wrong.

In my life I first let this hurt define me in a negative way, I let it show my weakness. But now as the years have gone on and I have grown and grown up, I have taken this weakness from the hurt and let it turn me into a stronger person. I used to be the person who let everyone walk over me, I would never stand up for what was right when it came to the way people treated others and me, but now it is not like that.

Hurt can be a negative thing, it can damage a person with long or short term affects, but now we need to see it as a positive thing. We need to take the hurt in ourselves and use it to build from our flaws. We have so many people today telling others hurtful things and finding the wrongs instead of the rights in them, but as a society we need to take the hurt that we are creating away, since there is already so much hurt in this world.

All I want to do in life is make for a better tomorrow, and it’s the actions we make everyday that will make for that better tomorrow. Take away the hurt from our lives starting at this moment and only spread the positive and nice comments to others and let us see how this world changes.

I know that I did hurt, and some days I do still hurt, but it is up to me to take those negative comments and gain from them. But now it is also up to us as a society to stop those negative comments and learn to love so we can be loved.